Golf Course


Welcome to Kirinara Golf Course! We are a fascinating 9 holes golf course surrounded by nature near Khao Lak in Phang Nga, Thailand.



Golf in Khao Lak. We are a 9 hole golf course just outside of Takuapa Old Town, Phang Nga. Kirinara Golf Course is located 15 minutes from Bangsak Beach and 25 minutes from Khao Lak, Thailand. For our fellow golfers in Phuket we are just 1.5 hours away from Phuket International Airport.

Brief History

Breaking down the name KIRINARA. 'Kiri' means mountain, while 'Nara' refers to water or prosperity. Together the name 'Kirinara', perfectly encapsulates the surrounding scenery.

KIRINARA was designed with preserving the surrounding nature in mind. Alligned with this, an untouched stream from the mountain is the main source of water that feeds into our 9 hole golf course. The combination of long and short holes, dense palm trees, water hazards, tough greens and mountainous slopes calls for an exciting round of golf. These natural qualities in addition to well designed features provide both beauty and challenges for every level of golfer.

These qualities make KIRINARA an ideal getaway from the city life. The golf course will provide you with a memorable journey into the local scenery and culture for a complete destination experience.

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